Marks Rack 2011

My current rig has gone into a very clever rack with a lift up top and 2 drawers. I still love the Roland 303 for mangling EDP1 and now I have 2 Kaos pad style things. The Kaosscilator and the Kaos Quad.
Ive removed the drum machine for now as the Kaossilator does that stuff, but am lacking a midi sequencer to automate the EDP´s. Im really looking for something shallow to fill the space in the middle of the top of the rack. Either a sequencer drum machine thing (1or 2U sequencer thingy, whats that???) or some kind of rhythm creating thing, pref NOT drums… some kind of synth I think.

If I could re house a few Euro modules I would make something.. like 4 oscillators a noise source and a Binary Zone or 2…

The Fireworx, might be temporary, Im only using a fraction of its capabilities, and would like a splitter (from Behringer) to send stuff to the loopers instead of the mixers Aux send.

The signal chain

Its guitar into The Roland guitar synth, that splits into synth signal and guitar signal. The synth guitar goes straight into the mixer, the er… analog guitar goes into the stomp boxes, then the Fireworx, then the Vortex, then the mixer. The Aux send is a cable that I have made that daisy chains the loopers together, the 2 edps and the repeater (the repeater cable also has a little daisy chain from left to right, so I dont have stereo in to repeater, just not possible with a mono Aux send) The output of one of the edps goes into the Roland EF303 effect and then into the mixer. the second EDP sometimes goes thru a Air FX, but I can fit that right now… and then into the mixer.
The Kaiossilator just goes into the mixer, but I intend to extend my looper aux cable so I can loop on that too (It has a few unique effects one can add to an audio input) but mostely its for drums and weird noises… the output of the mixer goes into the Kaos Quad FX, so yes… everything, even the drums from the Kaossilator go thru it, that a bit hardcore really, but is cool for now, I might change thats sometime…

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