MARK FRANCOMBE Musician, Filmmaker, Game-designer & Kipple-monger


Music is my life.

I have written and recorded music for everything from samplers and synthesizers to a 10 piece orchestra.
As a musician in the rock band Cranes from 1990-1997 I performed all around the world including support band for the Cures 1992 Wish Tour. Other musical projects have included Uncle Ian (1981-91 electronic – multimedia), Eardrum (1992-97 electronic) and (2000-2001 metal-noise) We Snakes (2005-08 improv-noise) and Electricity (2017-now electronica)

I can compose almost any style or genre of music, and currently I write much of the music for my companies films as well as continuing to play and record my own music. Personally, I have very experimental tastes and play guitar looping electronica, and work with voltages, waveforms and gate signals on my big eurorack modular synth. I consider pure sound and noise to be as important as music, and take care to be creative in the audio palette of my film work, whilst also being aware of the truth that John Cage knew, that the most beautiful sound is silence.



Mark Wallis Phil Harfield Ben Francombe Mark Francombe
My first ever band, we did punk versions of Status Quo songs, or at least thats how I like to remember it. There are rumours of a tape, but as long as I keep paying… it should remain missing.


1980 – 1991

Mark Francombe Nick Elborough + Rich Lewis – Helen Badham – Michael Elborough

Uncle Ian was my second band. We started at school and were named after a hated geography teacher who we nicknamed Uncle Ian. It was basically always myself and Nick Elborough. It started as a joke, mucking about with tape recorders and old electric organs. We built odd circuits, and bits of synths, and at one stage had amassed quite an impressive array of analog oddities and modified er… things. After a while we started to incorporate video, often using snips and cuts from horror films, we became a kind of multimedia trash kitsch thing. Although we recorded almost everything we did (badly) we never released much, mainly because we never wanted it to become too serious, cos were maybe afraid that that would kill the fun. In the end it fell apart just because I was doing too much with the Cranes (who were very serious) and Nick had job and family commitments.
Nick has now got a new bandcamp page with some old stuff and actually some new stuff.



1989 – 1998
Alison Shaw Matt Cope Jim Shaw Mark Francombe

Cranes was the band I was in from 1989 to 1997ish. Formed by brother and Sister Jim and Alison Shaw in 1988, I loved their track called Vegetate on a local compilation tape that Uncle Ian also had a track on, and me and Nick (mostly Nick) made a video for it. I joined the band a year later, at their second gig.
We traveled the world and beyond. The Young Gods, The Cure, Slowdive all became great friends, where are they now? Jim and Ali continue to this day with new members. My time in the Cranes has probably been one of the best times of my life, and I am very sad that it is all over. A quick dip into my diaries of the period (oh when shall I publish them I wonder…??? ) and I realise that it wasn’t all fun and laughter, but it really was an amazing period of my life, and for that I am very lucky.


1992 – 1999

Mark Francombe – Steve Austin

The electronic band I had with Steve Austin. Everything is on bandcamp (well nearly, still a few tracks to find and digitise)! A couple of tracks on compilation albums. The 2 amazing Castle Von Buhler compilations, and a Norwegian techno compilation called Space Invaders. We performed a number of times, the coolest was when we supported the amazing Loop Guru.
(first website I ever made!)
(discogs page is fæked up at the moment, this is one of them)


Camilla Johansen Mark Francombe

Mark and Cammila looking cool in a bar in the posh end of Oslo – photo by Grete Hjorth Johansen

The band I nearly had with Camilla Johansen. The band never actually happened, we had big plans, had photoshoots, spread the word but never actually wrote a song.

GOD.COM 2000 -2001 

Mark Francombe Lars Nedland Ida Jahr

The Noise/metal band I had with Ida Jahr and Lars Nedland. tracks are in the archive. The gig was fun, the tracks are great, nice people… just didn’t work out, why.. well…? um… what can I say… it was METAL for crying out loud, metal I mean… really!

2006 – to… (well not really finished)

Mark Francombe – Petter Flaten Eiletsen – Frederik Ness Sevendal
(link to page where we have a gig recording, please take it!!)

Experimental guitar improv trio.
Occasional performances, no rehearsals.
Petter plays guitar with sticks, radios, contact mikes, vibrators, darkness and evil. Frederik plays guitar with loops, effects, bows and folkish wit and charm and Mark plays guitar with loops, effects, knobs, flashing lights and very few actual notes.

ELECTRICITY  2015 – today

Mark Francombe Martin Powell

 Using vintage, homemade and thirdhand equipment influenced by all electronic music throughout time, nothing is sacred, most is usable and everything is on the verge of breaking down at all times.

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