My first Render from Blender

Ive been playing around in Blender, kinda hoping its a good enough (for my needs) replacement for Maya. The key words being the ones in brackets. Obviously Im not gonna make Lord of the Rings in it, so.

First impressions are pretty good, most of the controls can be set to emulate Maya, which is less of a struggle, and a quick press of the render button did this.
OK. Its ONE cube, replicated with 3 instances of the array modifier, and 3 lights. the camera was pretty randomly zoomed about and I must say I actually like the built in over shoots and easing, which is VERY rare. In Maya 3 D Max and After Effects the auto easing is horrible. Now serious people with serious 3D jobs probably hate this.. Grr a free program, Mine cos 20,000 (thats NOK) but honestly, If I cant see what the program can do, Ill never use it!!!

Anyway, a few more tutotrials need to be watched ( and then Ill try modelling a.. well.. um… a thing!

Anyway, Maya doesnt work on my machine anymore, so.. thats the real reason…