Nikolas makes an Ice Cream

Im so proud, my son made this image in Maya. He is 5 years old… OK so he was sat on my knee, and I told hime what to press… but he did everything, AND decided he wanted 2 scoops and a chocolate stick…
YOu will never GUESS what he (and I) both wanted, after he had finished?

4 thoughts on “Nikolas makes an Ice Cream”

  1. I like ice cream…even the computer generated flavors, would you ask Nikolas to make me one with three scoops of chocolate and a chocolate stick Thanks and nice work Nikolas!

  2. Hi Mark, long time no see . . .

    My wife and I are planning to be in Oslo in August (just finalising trip details atm) and would love to meet up with you for a coffee or something.

    Having lots of fun with the Swedish Rail online booking . . . which doesn’t actually allow you to book anything if you’re not already in Sweden.

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