L’Aphallie des Songes

After a few years, the French animator and artist Faustine Ferrar has finally completed her half hour film L’Aphallie des Songes. I have been on board the project composing the music and acting as a kind of films advisor. Since starting the project, she has really developed her own technique of human animation (more formally called pixelation) mixing both human animation and puppet animation. I’m quite happy with the music I have done for her, even if it was often done with tight time constraints.


I just watched this video about 2 guys who have put all combinations of 8 notes in one octave onto a hard-drive. And claim it’s copyrighted.

It’s a lawyer and a nerd, so not 2 of the most ethical people right there…

But, to be clear, their stance is that copyright is stupid, not that they are going to sue everyone from now on.

I dont know what I think of this. On the one hand, i’m worried that the human element, the art, is being devalued… again! Why can’t humans have some laws in place that protects makers and creators? Also, it’s another income stream for musicians gone, this leads logically to no performing rights, everyone can steal anything now!

In the other hand, it’s true, as this video proclaims, that music isn’t just melody and rhythm, how can you write down drone music, or drum and bass, and how can you differentiate between one blues song and another, in terms of notes.

It’s ridiculous too, to be in a situation where… in a legal battle (Katie Perry/Flame) the artist with the most YouTube views wins. Well, that’s not the way it was, but… you know…

But… I must say, I’m a bit old school, I kind of like that, as humans, we have a few strange habits, like art or jewelry or fashion or music, that are held dear to us, enough that we have laws to protect the lonely artist. However messy or illogical it might be.

Anyway, here’s the video


Finally a tutorial on modes that I actually understand…
I have of course “played” all these scales before.. but not know what they were, or caring frankly.

Grieving via VR?

I think this might be stretching to find a reason for VR, but I’m guessing that we will soon have to deal with way more ethical questions., than this odd Korean thing where a Mother “meets” her dead daughter in VR.

Let Y block stay

Just reposting an article from Nytid (New Time) in Norwegian. English speaking friends will have to google translate, or maybe i will do it?

Basically, when Breivik let off his bomb in the government quarter in central Oslo, before drive to Utøya to slaughter kids, he damaged the buildings there so badly that the government are considering tearing them down. There’s the “High block” and the “ Y block”. The augment here’s is that the Y block is a fantastic example of brutalist architecture, and happens to have a Picasso artwork on the most prominent wall.


Super 8 Retro cam…

Hmm, not sure what I think of this. We already have many many cool apps doing this better, but I admit I like (love?) that not everything HAS to be on the fucking phone. I think it changes how you look at things, and Im very happy to have been born into a time where I actually went out, with a Super8 camera/16mm camera and and LOOKED for shots, which I don’t think you do if you are just carrying your phone around. ESPECIALLY if you film you make goes STRAIGHT to a social media platform and isn’t really even saved anywhere.
Which reminds me, I want to go and get all the videos I have EVER saved to facebook and download them and make them into a film… might be a project?

Time Travel

I love Time Travel in films, even when it gets too complicated.

My top five films with Time Travel are:

  1. Primer
  2. The Prisoner of Azkerban
  3. Back to the Future
  4. Triangle
  5. Groundhog day

Heres a you tube about this very subjekt!