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Projection Mapping the Oslo Opera

A very poor video of my small effort at Projection Mapping the Opera in Oslo.
It was the culmination of a course by JOANIE LEMERCIER of Anti VJ.
It was -11 degrees on the top of the Opera at Midnight.

The course was very inspiring and it was very nice to meet so many talented and creative people. Hopefully some of them took better video and pictures than me, so I hope I can post some more later. Im terrible with names, but Ill just wanted to shout out to: The guy with the 3D Norwegian knitting Pattern, the guy with the Kinect, the guy wit the distorted and cut-up female face film, and the guy with the Black & White flash movie.

The course taught me that Cinema 4D is worth looking into, and one HUGE fact.. that Flash files can now be imported into After Effects… never knew that… obvious, it being all CS now.. but.. just didnt know… Very VERY usefull!
My raw film was this…

The first half was trying to work with the elements from the architectural feature we were working with, and the second half was just a messy grungy collage, I just wanted to grunge up the Opera building a bit, as its pretty much the symbol of the Oslo Elite. Its pretty impressive I must say, as in big…but anything BIG is impressive right?
Really.. its a hideous eyesore isnt it.. come on.. really!

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