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Quartz Replicator

Spent the evening playing with the replicator in Quartz..

Both of these are made by starting with a simple shape, replicating that shape many times and adding offsets, that are controlled via LFO’s. At the end of a few sets of 3DReplicators I have a 3DTransformer, just to add the spin.

Sphere Replicator
This one started with a sphere, the LFO settings are changing the size of the spheres and controlling the offsets and origin transforms. I think this one is a bit too reminiscent of lots of old 80s techno graphics. Not UN-usable I like it when it becomes like snake-skin or like internal organs.

Square Replicator
(Takes a while to appear, hence black at start)
Starting from a cube where all the edges of the cube are modified via LFOs and then replicated in the same way as above. I like this one as it quite exotic and can go from spiny growths to huge fan like objects.

Both of these are never repeating in the quartz patches, here of course these videos are just showing the first few minutes. My next goal with these os to expose some of the most relevant settings so that they can be modified out of the program, in Resolume. Have them react to sound and midi clock/notes.
(If I get around to it, Ill edit these a bit and add some music…)

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