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Screw Work Let´s play

Im currently reading Screw Work, Let’s Play: How to Do What You Love and Get Paid for it
But I must say Im not completely convinced yet. Its a nice notion and the “character” that the author describes could easily be me. I have my finger in so many pies, that NONE ever really get done. There is some real commonsense stuff, about listing all the things you do, and thinking about getting paid a little bit for all of it, is interesting…

With the Aunty game coming along nicely, I really want to get good at this self promotion thing, I recently started twitter, but can´t bring myself to tweet all my farts and hand-washes, like most people.

Unfortunately the book goes all wobbly in chapter 2, when he starts talking about Wealth Dynamics personality types, something I REALLY dont like. Believing that all as in ALL OF US, fit into one of 8 neat little boxes is daft and somewhat Facsist!!!

Whats REALLY bad is that if you follow the links in the book to take the test, they end up (through an affiliate link – like this) to a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR TEST!!!

One hundred dollars to tell me if im either a creator, a star, a deal maker, a trader, an accumulator, a lord, or a mechanic…

Fuck that

…of course Id be a fucking mechanic…

Its bad enough that the business world uses these stupid, infantile tests to decide whether to hire you, but ridiculous that we are now encouraged to do it to ourselves!!! For 100 bucks!

I shall continue to read the book however. I’m dying to get to the chapter about paying your mortgage… love to see how he suggests I do that…

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