Set-up ’81

I cannot believe I had this gear in 1981!!! Incredible! I was 17 years old!!!
…and scribbled in the back of “Concepts of Modern Art” as well !!! I mean!!! what an Arty Farty youngster I was!!!

So Can I remember what all this stuff was??? I think so… nearly…
1 Guitar with BUILT IN Fuzz, (Built in by me) it was a tiny version of the Big Muff with one knob.
2 goes to the Korg X911 guitar synth, with an expression pedal (that I dont actually remember, maybe it was wishful thinking when I drew this diagram.
3 That went into the Electric Mistress Flanger and then into a tiny 4 channel mixer.
4 The small box below the X911, I dont know what it is, some kind of switch, I know that it needed a HOLD switch, maybe its that.. …
5 the other box at top of page is a home made oscillator box, basically 4 oscillators that could all modulate each other, they were all wide in their ummm width, and could go from LFO frequencies to dogs only pitch… and it had a nifty little joystick for wibbling like Hawkwind, big fan at the time.
6 … but I cant quite see why it appears to be accepting an input from the guitar synth.. and that also went into the mixer, which went into my trusty WEM amp, whatever happened to that?

Cor Blimey,it was all donkeys years ago…

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