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Somewhere in the dark forest…

Somewhere in the dark forest lives a little old lady, she never leaves her old wooden cottage, but someone brings her food. She doesn’t know who, but she does know other things. She might tell you some secrets, if you are nice to her.
Why is all her stuff outside?
Because Im in the process of putting it inside of course! Ive used a few things from Asset Store to furnish her house, as per usual, everything is a placeholder, until Im so used to seeing it there that it becomes the thing.

PS:Anyone got a little old lady model?
Actually Im starting to make all the characters in FUSE now. I don’t like the payment model that Mixamo does, almost like a free to play game.. Ohhh Its FREE.. now pay for this… now this… now this… Like Ryan Air! However the Substance method of coloring the clothing makes for millions of options, Im probablty going to have to make a custom Vicar outfit, but thats about it…
But hopefully I can get away with using the free rigging they offer, then use my own animations. Who needs generic animations anyway? we all need to be able to make specific stuff.

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