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Trento Gig Report

volantino Mondiali in Fiemme_rif.pdf (page 2 of 2)

Last weekend I played in Trento, Northern Italy.


Our performance was part of an Italian/Norwegian exchange. As such we played in an exhibition space about skiing and winter sports, through the ages. Trento is high in the Italian Austrian mountains, and is surrounded by wonderful mountains.
I had a absolutely fantastic time, and the gig was great! The original plan was that Massimo and I would be backed up by a trio of Trento musicians. Carlo La Manna, Corrado Bungaro and (insert name here). But after having some laptop/keyboard problems, we decided that we would all just play together. And what a great decision. It was a fantastic blend of their ethnic virtuosity and me and Massimos electronic noises.

The Players:

Massimo Barberi
Massimo played loops and manipulated my videos live, including one with Hilde singing (The Spykkeskjaenhytte film)
Carlo La Manna
Fretless Bass
Corrado Bungaro
Played Violin, Nyckelharpa, Steeldrum, percussion
Giordano Angeli
Saxophones, percussion
Mark Francombe
Baritone guitar, electronics

Heres some articles about the event

Articolo adige Mark-15.pdf (1 page)
Sulle scie di Fridtjof Nansen (concerto e performance video) - Crushsite.it.pdf (page 1 of 2)

A happy pic at a hard time

We are having a very hard time at the moment. I was attacked by a biker from the next door motorcycle club, for no reason, we moved because we were scared to be in our own home, then Hilde was diagnosed with cancer. We have moved back home now, to make it easier. I am off work, looking after her and Nikolas and Transform my company, is no doublt, going down the drain. ha ha
…Oh and the car went wrong and the bathroom leaked…