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Concert – supporting John Weise

I will be supporting noise guy John Weise at Blå on the 6th of February.
Im a bit nervous cos I didnt play at all last year… and he is doing noise… just noise, kinda ok though sort of rattly noise. This year I have been getting away from noise and drone stuff and returning to purely live looped guitar. However, this is probably a glitch, as the most recent stuff Ive done has had distortion sneaking back in, and pitch shifting everything, in almost a funny way… thats funny ha ha, not funny peculiar .



My music on a weird film from Brazil

A track that I had posted on my page at FREESOUND, that was called Koran Cats and Kids, has been used on this film by bagadefente in Brazil!!!

HURRAH, funny film too.. half the sound is from MY track, (including ominous out of tune piano, and pitch shift child, which I think is my step-granddaughter Lona) and the other half is a recording of a children´s toy… that actually we have too!! ha ha!!!