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The Church

Things to do: need a pulpit. a small kneeling rail at front, and to stop the snow and rain falling through the roof…, also want to do a sound thing, so that when you are inside the sound of the storm is muffled, have to see how I can interact with the built in sounds of UniStorm.

Beginning to look quite spooky outside the church now... this is a good thing... no zombies though... not in this game... I think
Beginning to look quite spooky outside the church now… this is a good thing… no zombies though… not in this game… I think
The church interior, now with altar!
The church interior, now with altar!

Operating Theatre Update.

OperatingTheatreI have been working on the Operating theater. Adding physics to all the furniture in the room. The Operating table stays still when you bump into it. The ECG machine moves but slowly, and the little silver trays roll about on well oiled wheels. Adding sounds to the collisions next. I also added cube map reflections to the trays, so they look all lovely and shiny… Just wait till there is an autopsy in progress however… Wont be so clean then I can assure you!

Somewhere on the road to Hell

Tentatively entitled “Somewhere on the road to Hell”, here are some screenshots from my latest computer game.
Its a psychological thriller, based in a small valley in Norway. There is a place in Norway called Hell, so it might be referring to that place, but that’s in Tronderlag, and doesn’t look so much like this… so maybe its not referring to that place at all..?