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New Sculptures

I am working on a new series of Kipple. Called the wooden men.
Each man is being hand carved, painted and will be in boxes.
All the wood comes from driftwood found on the shores of Nesodden, or waste wood from my chippy neighbour.
Anyway, heres some WIP.

Modular Madness

For a few months now I have been soldering and building like crazy to add to my modular synth. It all started when my friend David sent me links to some module DIY site, and I ordered a few. I have been less interested in buying finished modules for a while due to the price, but suddenly, I found out that there are literally THOUSANDS of kit manufacturers out there, since I last built stuff (the Blacet modules).
And its not really all that expensive. most kits come with a faceplate an a PCB and any interesting chips, but you have to get all the other components yourself. Of course you dont just buy 1x 100k resistor you buy 50, and soon you have a little repository of components so you dont have to even order that much.