Me filming in Virtropolis (Then watching that film in BigScreen VR)

So the other day I did some filming in Virtropolis, starting from the Island, swam back and walked through the maze into town.
Then later when I was in Big Screen and taking screenshots of how THEY did their cinema, I tried to show a film and the only film I had was the holiday film from Virtropolis.
So I filmed THAT…
So may I present, a little film of Virtropolis at dusk, then night. Then the same film, projected in a Cinema in the VR Cinema app Big Screen VR.

Armature Making

I just stumbled across this old but good series on hand-making armatures.
I wrote to the author and he was so surprised but delighted that I was interested. He gave me full permission to re-print it here. Thanks Charles

He even came back to me later to say…

Just found this (attached photo of armatures) last evening, and thought you might think it’s funny. This is where my armature making abruptly stopped, with these 5 poor limbless armatures.

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It’s been a few years since the last LD compilation, and here it is!
The latest installment!

44 tracks!

Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a system for keeping the same avatare over many apps. Whihc I approve of. I sont suppose anyone would agree, but I like that you could create you own in VR persona, that you keep, and can be recognised.
Unfortunately the Ready Player Me avatoars are a all a bit young looking and to much like Fortnote, but still, its a great idea…
Tis looks more like Justin Beiber than me for example… but ok… here I am…

3d printing

I got a 3D printer for my birthday from Hilde, so Im begginning to produce stuff for my animation project. As of now still a bit of a secret, will reveal soon, but needs its own site/category so is some work).
Heres a tid-bit. The main character is a girl called Equiss. She has blue hair and is a bit of a grumpy teenager. I dont think there will be much talking, and Im not aiming for top shelf animation here, more arty-farty style, however I was keen to try out head replacement. So here’s a video of me preparing 9 variations of heads for this character.